First Production Batch

So far my clay journey has been a giant experiment. Every time a blob of clay landed on the wheel, there was a question about what would come out of it. Would it be a total collapse? Maybe a cup? A bowl? A bowl that started as a cup and then wouldn’t go where I wanted it to?

With a little more time on the wheel, it has been easier to actually plan

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The Best Laid Plans

I got back from Christmas very excited to start throwing pots again.  Only one problem.  I was running very low on clay.  Where I envisioned hours of throwing, my clay supply was limited to minutes.  No worries.  I would just drive to Asheville, buy some clay and off I would go.  Or not.  I discovered

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It’s been a while

After months of spending time outside and watching my clay dry up in the studio, I’m finally back to the wheel.  Ironically, my greatest inspiration is now YouTube!  You might remember that my first attempts at learning to center a mound of clay using the video learning technique was a disaster.  Now that

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