Lynn Carnes

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Kiln opening day is always filled with anticipation. First, the big question is, “When will it be cool enough to open?” Then the bigger questions are, “What will I find?” “Did the magic occur or was it a disappointment?” and “Will I get the same results as before?”

Today’s opening was filled with a few great successes, some pretty

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Boredom and Practice

After doing a bisque firing a few days ago, today I started putting wax on the bottom of all the pots to prevent glaze from sticking to the kiln shelf. This is tedious, yet exacting work and my mind started wandering to thoughts of “Isn’t there an easier way?” “Why do we have to do the same thing over and over again?” “Let’s go hike

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Recently I drove by a Michael’s craft store that I visited only once. It brought back memories that made me smile and helped me remember that a creative journey starts with baby steps.

It was on one of my first trips to our newly acquired lake house, (more like a fishing shack) and the longing to be an artist was just germinating. The problem was

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Failure, Subtlety and Breakthrough

I went into the studio yesterday armed with new ideas after watching several videos with potters centering and throwing large amounts of clay.  Most of these videos were old news-I had watched them and failed many times.  In fact, one of my dirty little clay secrets has been that I never, ever know if I will be able to center that lump of clay

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