The Best Laid Plans


I got back from Christmas very excited to start throwing pots again.  Only one problem.  I was running very low on clay.  Where I envisioned hours of throwing, my clay supply was limited to minutes.  No worries.  I would just drive to Asheville, buy some clay and off I would go.  Or not.  I discovered that the folks at Highwater Clay take off the same vacation time I do!  Thursday would be the earliest day to get new clay.

With that settled, I went ahead and made some pots and decided it’s time to do a bisque firing.  Which means glazing comes next.  Once again, I used my computer as a primary resource and went to the store with a list of glaze supplies.  I arrived at Highwater with a glaze recipe and managed to find all the ingredients.  It feels a bit like being a mad scientist, mixing chemicals, applying them and heating them to ridiculous temperatures, hoping that they somehow magically blend into the beautiful colors of my dreams.  We shall see.  And had a fabulous day driving into Asheville with two long-time friends Ina and Veryle Lynn.

Now I am fully supplied and just waiting for the clay to dry so that I can do a bisque firing.  On to glaze!

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